Let’s take a moment and think about the following scenario:

A young, white American woman and a young, white South African man conceive a child.

The woman gives birth to a healthy, white child in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

Forty-seven years later, that child wins the election to become President of the United States.

Can anyone out there argue that anyone would be questioning the legitimacy of that man’s birth certificate or his eligibility to become President?

Let’s be clear about all of this “birther” nonsense. It’s racism plain and simple.

As is said, there’s the high road, and then there’s the low road, but now we’re seeing the subterranean road. I honestly thought it could not get lower, but the Republicans have unleashed one of the most negative, fear-mongering, hate-filled, deceptive television ads I have ever seen. Apparently, John McCain decided it was time to play the Wright card. Being in Missouri, I am lucky enough to have to experience the ad over and over again. Thanks to some nice Photoshop work, they took Obama’s usual signage and replaced “Change” with “Hate.” The voice-over spews fear and hate. The intention of the ad is clear; smear Obama and hope it sticks. I haven’t thrown anything through my television . . . yet.

What really bothers me is that these types of ads still work with people. Case in point – our neighbor came over the other day and spoke to my wife for a bit. After seeing our Obama/Biden sign, she says “Barack Obama is the Antichrist” while performing the sign of the cross. Then she says “He’s been groomed.” What in the world does that even mean? How in the world do you respond to such stupidity? These are the types of people that most likely elected Bush twice. These are the types of people that will help McCain win on Tuesday if he wins. I just don’t get it.

I am writing about this to let all of you know what the McCain campaign is doing in the battleground states. He’s not offering ideas. He’s not providing solutions. He’s spreading fear and hate in the hopes that enough people like my neighbor will take the bait. I want all of you to ask yourself what kind of leader you want for our country. Do you want someone who offers solutions, ideas, hope, and change, or do you want someone who uses fear and hate to win at all costs? It is time for a new politics. It is time for a new direction. It is time for Obama and Biden to lead our country.

Obama/Biden 2008

I am asking all registered voters out there to please turn off the television, turn off the talk radio, turn off the opinion websites, and go to Barack Obama’s and John McCain’s websites and learn about each candidate’s positions that they have put in writing. These are the positions that you need to know, and because the candidates put them in writing, they hold much more weight than something said on the campaign stump to pander to voters. Learn as much as you can so you can make an informed decision on Tuesday in what is likely to be the most important election of this century.

Then on Tuesday, get to the polls and vote. If there is a ten hour line, stand there for ten hours. If there is ten feet of snow on the ground, bring a shovel. If there is a flood, bring a boat. Whatever it takes, get to the polls and vote for the candidate you think has the best skills to lead our country.

Learn, then vote!

Obama/Biden 2008

I just finished watching John McCain on Meet the Press, and I have a few observations. First off, much like his appearances in the debates, he looked like a very angry and grumpy old man. Considering that he received so much criticism for the exact same thing after the debates, you would think he would present himself in a different way. What this tells me is that this is his true demeanor and personality. I don’t know about you, but I certainly do not want someone in charge of my country who acts like that, especially not now.

Another observation was that he was once again repeating lies and misinformation about Obama’s policies. Let me clarify right now. Obama did not change the threshold for tax increases from $250K to $200K. Here’s the tax plan. I’m not sure where McCain came up with that whopper, but it is not honorable, fair, or respectable to repeat lies and misinformation over and over again on the trail or in interviews. Mr. McCain, are you listening? You have not run an honorable, fair, or respectable campaign. I honestly believe you meant what you said early on in the campaign that you would do just that, but you let the same thugs that ruined your chances for election in 2000 run your campaign, and they have turned you in to something that you historically despised. It really is a shame, sir.

A final observation came from the end of the interview, and I am almost hesitant to mention it. McCain had another “senior moment” when he could not remember the names of the former Secretaries of State that are endorsing him. I’ve had those moments before, and I’ve seen many politicians forget things here and there, but in McCain’s case, it has been something that has happened enough to make me concerned that it may have something to do with his age. Let’s all be honest with ourselves. The Presidency is very likely the most stressful job on the planet. Just looking at President Clinton and President Bush, you can see how quickly relatively young men age due to the job. McCain is already 72 years old. What will this job do to someone that age? None of us know. That has to be a major concern for the electorate especially because Sarah Palin is nowhere near an acceptable choice to replace him if something were to happen.

I’m not sure what McCain intended to do with this interview, but I suspect he did not do himself any favors with the undecided voters out there. I also suspect that the performance solidified support for Obama around the country. We’re in the home stretch, and we have to keep up the pressure on McCain and the rest of the Republicans. This is shaping up to be a great year for Democrats and our country. We all need to see it through.

Obama/Biden 2008

I was on the edge of my seat this morning watching Meet The Press waiting for Colin Powell to make his endorsement. I was struck by the thoughtfulness with which he made his case for voting for Barack Obama. His story about the Muslim United States soldier who gave his life in Iraq was especially inspiring. Powell is right, and this is something I have thought since the Clinton campaign was trying to paint Barack as a Muslim during the primaries. Who cares if someone is Muslim or Christian or Jewish or Atheist? I don’t and won’t hold it against them. This is something that needs to be said over and over again to the politicians and citizens who have made it a bad thing to follow any religion other than their own. Wasn’t our country founded to prevent religious prosecution? It seems some people, both Republicans and Democrats, have forgotten that vital pillar of our way of life as we know it. Let’s all follow Powell’s lead and call out politicians and citizens who preach hate and discrimination.

Obama/Biden 2008

Sarah Palin was on SNL last night, and her skits were pretty funny, and she was a good sport. The great thing about SNL is that the cast and writers are able to say what they really think under the disguise of comedy. I think Alec Baldwin really meant what he said in the intro skit, and the rap during Weekend Update was also a roasting of McCain/Palin with Palin sitting right there at the desk. As Lorne Michaels said in the intro skit, SNL presents “a heightened reality.”

A heightened reality indeed.

Obama/Biden 2008