Folks, this fall’s election will be very simple. If you do not want Trump to be President, you must vote FOR Biden.

Not showing up doesn’t work.

Not voting for the presidential race doesn’t work.

Voting for a third party candidate doesn’t work.

History has proven these things over and over again. Vote FOR Biden!

If there were any questions about the Republican Party being a racist nationalist party, those questions were answered in today’s Super Tuesday national and down-ticket nominations.

If you once considered yourself a Republican and do not subscribe to these disgusting, fringe beliefs, it’s time to leave the party. You are not welcome there, and I would hope you would not want to be associated with such people.

I am incredibly frustrated that my tax dollars are being wasted by our governor to participate in the Texas governor’s politically-driven crusade. Our national border falls under only one jurisdiction: the federal government. What the Texas governor and his misguided partners like the Missouri governor are doing at the border will have little to no benefit and is just a show for a constituency that has lost sight of what is important.

Missouri to send hundreds of troops to U.S.-Mexico border | STLPR

For perspective on Iowa’s caucus results last night, I want to remind everyone just how small Iowa is based on population.

There are 281 cities in the United States with larger populations than the number of people who voted last night. This is based on the 2020 census.

So, when we take a step back and think about how small Iowa really is, we begin to realize how ridiculous it is that we allow ourselves to be swayed by 110,000 people in a state with no major metropolitan areas.

I went to Iowa. I love Iowa City. The reality is that Iowa is not representative of the country as a whole. We have to remember that.

Watching the Iowa Caucus coverage tonight and thinking about all of the language that has been used at the debates and rallies over the last several months (years). If you listened just a little bit during your history classes in high school, you would be able to link the words and rhetoric being used by the Republican candidates to those used by Mussolini and Hitler in the 1920s and 1930s to gain power.

Rick Steves put together an hour-long program about the rise of Fascism in Europe. Obviously with just an hour, the program can only cover the topic at a very high level, but in that one hour, you will notice a clear linkage between how Mussolini and Hitler duped their countrymen and how Trump has done the same thing.

The main lesson learned by the Italian and German participants in the program? Education, education, education. But think about what has happened in the United States in the last several decades. Civics education is no longer considered mandatory or even all that important in many high schools. The foundation has been set to allow history to repeat itself.

It is not that much of a stretch to see a future where the world must come together to prevent a fascist United States from doing something incredibly heinous. History can and does repeat itself especially when education is minimized and dismissed.

Can someone please explain to Republicans that there is no “Democrat Party?” Saying it just makes them sound really, really dumb. There have to be more intelligent candidates out there, right?