By now, I’m sure many of you have seen the new ad from the Clinton campaign spreading fear across the country by showing sleeping children with the phone ringing in the background saying that Clinton is the only one that can save your children from the terrible ringing phone.

But who’s really going to pick up the phone? Well, my man Barack Obama of course.

Check out the Obama campaign’s response. I think Barack wins this argument hands down.

Via Obama HQ.

Another new look? Yep, I spent some time this weekend changing to a new theme. I wanted something cleaner and modern, and I think I found what I was looking for. The new theme is called Neoclassical and was designed by Chris Pearson. The images at the top of the page are pictures that my wife and I have taken over the years, and they rotate randomly as people view the site.

I would really like to hear from everyone out there to see what you like and dislike about the new look. Please leave your comments on this post so I can make Probstisms better and more appealing for everyone.

Thanks for reading!

I saw a great video over on Andy Ihnatko’s Celestial Waste of Bandwidth this morning by Phil Plait, the author of Bad Astronomy Blog.

In the video, Phil explains what is happening with the spy satellite that is slowly crashing to Earth. For reasons that he mentions in the video, the US government has decided to blow the satellite to bits before that happens. After seeing the video, I don’t want this thing crashing anywhere near where I live.

Check out this incredibly well done video when you have a chance.

Last night’s primaries in Wisconsin and Hawaii were Barack Obama’s 9th and 10th victories in a row. I don’t know about you, but that’s one heck of a winning streak if you ask me. Barack is certainly on a roll, and his message of hope and change seems to be reaching people. What’s funny to me is that the Clinton campaign is pretty much ignoring that any of these victories (or losses in her case) have even occurred. The people are speaking very clearly now, and they’re saying that they want someone that will inspire us to all do and be better than we are today, and that’s what I call a great leader.

Tomorrow’s debate from Texas should be quite telling. Will it be the love fest that we saw in the last debate? I highly doubt it. Hillary will go after Barack with everything she’s got, and she will look like a desperate fool in front of the enter country (and world). I still hold out hope that it will be a debate of ideas, but I fear that it will turn personal and very ugly. I’m sure we’ll all be watching to see what happens.

Barack ‘n’ Roll, baby!

I can see there being a market for the MacBook Air – not a market I fit into, but a market nonetheless.

When catching the first glimpse of the Air, it really is quite stunning. The size alone is enough to make you think aloud: how’d they fit a computer in there?!?

While the computer weighs in at about three pounds which is really light, it appears that it should be as light as a feather. Essentially, looks are deceiving on it – but not necessarily in a bad way. I must admit that I did grab a manila envelope to see if it were true – and it is. You could easily hide it and no one would be the wiser – unless you have the power cord plugged for some reason.

Apple has very cleverly hidden the USB, audio jack and DVI port in a fold down compartment which when closed is almost invisible. It’s been fun watching people try to find it – and once they do, the “wow” look really comes over them. It almost seems as if the rubber “feet” on the bottom for spacing from the work surface work in tandem with the port. If the machine didn’t have the feet, the door would hit the surface the computer is sitting on. I don’t know how this will work if you’re using the machine on your lap and need to have something plugged in – even if it is simply headphones – whether or not this will interfere with keeping the port open.

Like the other laptops with a back lit keyboard, this one is just as impressive. It may be that the keys are black and the letters simply glow when in a dim environment, it’s a simple touch of elegance that is simply Apple.

The way that the laptop is hinged rather than clasped like the MacBooks reminds me of the clamshell iBooks – you remember the ones.

Now back to the market for this computer… the one I do not fit into.  I could see this machine being perfect for someone who travels a lot and is doing a number of presentations on a regular basis. Perhaps a sales rep doing a few pitches a day or someone who is on the road a lot. It seems like a great machine for email, internet and presentations. Maybe Al Gore will pick one up for when he does his global presentation… I’m sure as a board member he has first dibs. I definitely do not see someone purchasing the Air to be or replace their primary machine. Hard drive space and processor speeds simply don’t allow for this to be a good primary machine and though I’d love to have one for myself, I simply don’t have the need. However, my home set up is a 20″ Intel iMac – maybe the Air would be a fantastic notebook. If I didn’t have a work issued MacBook Pro, I might have considered splurging and picking one up but I definitely think Apple has done it again!

It’s simple, elegant, and simply done right. I just hope it is received well and doesn’t fall the way of the Cube. Don’t remember that one? Check it out.

Editor’s Note: Greg Probst is the author of Blue Sleeves Blog and is a regular contributor to Probstisms.