Barack ‘n’ Roll!

Last night’s primaries in Wisconsin and Hawaii were Barack Obama’s 9th and 10th victories in a row. I don’t know about you, but that’s one heck of a winning streak if you ask me. Barack is certainly on a roll, and his message of hope and change seems to be reaching people. What’s funny to me is that the Clinton campaign is pretty much ignoring that any of these victories (or losses in her case) have even occurred. The people are speaking very clearly now, and they’re saying that they want someone that will inspire us to all do and be better than we are today, and that’s what I call a great leader.

Tomorrow’s debate from Texas should be quite telling. Will it be the love fest that we saw in the last debate? I highly doubt it. Hillary will go after Barack with everything she’s got, and she will look like a desperate fool in front of the enter country (and world). I still hold out hope that it will be a debate of ideas, but I fear that it will turn personal and very ugly. I’m sure we’ll all be watching to see what happens.

Barack ‘n’ Roll, baby!

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