I delayed applying for an Apple Card until recently when Apple introduced their savings account with 4.15% APY paid monthly but accrues daily.

The features of the Wallet app for Apple Card are outstanding! It is easy to keep track of your spending and has a visual indicator of the categories with the most spending. Most importantly, it is easy to pay your balance daily if you so desire.

Apple should consider creating some sort of WalletKit or API so other banks can make it so easy to really control credit card spending. The Apple Card already has great features that differentiate it from other cards. Consumers will continue to use it even if other banks are able to enhance their user experience with an enhanced Wallet app.

Augie Ray on Mastodon

Pretty sure Augie nails it with this post!

“Business leaders: We can’t find enough workers!

Workers: You could pay more.

Business: Nope.

Workers: Better benefits?

Business: No.

Workers: More flexible hours?

Business: No way.

Workers: Treat your current employees better to build your employer brand?

Business: Never.

Workers: Well, what’s left?!

Business: Child labor!”

House Republicans pass resolution overturning student loan cancellation; Biden vows to veto

I understand the debate about the pandemic-related loan forgiveness proposal, but why would House Republicans go after the loan forgiveness program for public servants? Aren’t they supposed to be public servants too? Aren’t they hurting their own? Oh, that’s right – most of these folks have never served the public and still don’t.