We had the absolute pleasure of hosting the Mississippi State University Club Ultimate team this weekend for the Huck Finn 2024 tournament in O’Fallon, Illinois. The guys did great going 5-2 against high-quality competition from across the country.

The team is made up of some really amazing people, and we’re very happy our son is part of such a great group.

Follow their profiles on X and Instagram for updates!

If there ever was a year where the NCAA should have made the effort to bring parity to the apps for the men’s and women’s NCAA Tournaments, this was the year. What a lost opportunity! The image on the left is the women’s iOS app, and the image on the right is the men’s iOS app. You’ll see that the women’s app lacks support for iPadOS, macOS, and watchOS. Why?

From a product perspective, I would argue that there is no need for two apps at all. Men’s and women’s college basketball games have no differences whatsoever. It’s time for the NCAA to consolidate their separate technology budgets to make one great March Madness experience for all fans.

Folks, this fall’s election will be very simple. If you do not want Trump to be President, you must vote FOR Biden.

Not showing up doesn’t work.

Not voting for the presidential race doesn’t work.

Voting for a third party candidate doesn’t work.

History has proven these things over and over again. Vote FOR Biden!

If there were any questions about the Republican Party being a racist nationalist party, those questions were answered in today’s Super Tuesday national and down-ticket nominations.

If you once considered yourself a Republican and do not subscribe to these disgusting, fringe beliefs, it’s time to leave the party. You are not welcome there, and I would hope you would not want to be associated with such people.