As is said, there’s the high road, and then there’s the low road, but now we’re seeing the subterranean road. I honestly thought it could not get lower, but the Republicans have unleashed one of the most negative, fear-mongering, hate-filled, deceptive television ads I have ever seen. Apparently, John McCain decided it was time to play the Wright card. Being in Missouri, I am lucky enough to have to experience the ad over and over again. Thanks to some nice Photoshop work, they took Obama’s usual signage and replaced “Change” with “Hate.” The voice-over spews fear and hate. The intention of the ad is clear; smear Obama and hope it sticks. I haven’t thrown anything through my television . . . yet.

What really bothers me is that these types of ads still work with people. Case in point – our neighbor came over the other day and spoke to my wife for a bit. After seeing our Obama/Biden sign, she says “Barack Obama is the Antichrist” while performing the sign of the cross. Then she says “He’s been groomed.” What in the world does that even mean? How in the world do you respond to such stupidity? These are the types of people that most likely elected Bush twice. These are the types of people that will help McCain win on Tuesday if he wins. I just don’t get it.

I am writing about this to let all of you know what the McCain campaign is doing in the battleground states. He’s not offering ideas. He’s not providing solutions. He’s spreading fear and hate in the hopes that enough people like my neighbor will take the bait. I want all of you to ask yourself what kind of leader you want for our country. Do you want someone who offers solutions, ideas, hope, and change, or do you want someone who uses fear and hate to win at all costs? It is time for a new politics. It is time for a new direction. It is time for Obama and Biden to lead our country.

Obama/Biden 2008

I am asking all registered voters out there to please turn off the television, turn off the talk radio, turn off the opinion websites, and go to Barack Obama’s and John McCain’s websites and learn about each candidate’s positions that they have put in writing. These are the positions that you need to know, and because the candidates put them in writing, they hold much more weight than something said on the campaign stump to pander to voters. Learn as much as you can so you can make an informed decision on Tuesday in what is likely to be the most important election of this century.

Then on Tuesday, get to the polls and vote. If there is a ten hour line, stand there for ten hours. If there is ten feet of snow on the ground, bring a shovel. If there is a flood, bring a boat. Whatever it takes, get to the polls and vote for the candidate you think has the best skills to lead our country.

Learn, then vote!

Obama/Biden 2008