Barack’s Fighting the Smears

I’m sure a lot of you have seen the outrageous and too-weird-to-be-true emails that have been circulating the Internet for over a year now regarding Barack Obama and his family. I find the one that claims he is secretly a Muslim especially amusing. Most of these emails are started by fear and rumor mongering Republicans who are scared to death that they’re going to killed in November. The problem is the people who continue to forward these lies to everyone in their address book because they do not have enough intelligence or common sense to realize that if something sounds completely outrageous, it probably is.

To fight these lies, Barack and his team have published a website called Fight the Smears to debunk the rumors and nonsense. You can find it at Here you will find the smears that have been circulating the Internet and evidence to prove them wrong. You can also submit new smears that you receive through email.

The Obama campaign has taken advantage of technology like no other campaign in history, and this is just another example of its leadership in the Internet space.

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