Folks, this fall’s election will be very simple. If you do not want Trump to be President, you must vote FOR Biden.

Not showing up doesn’t work.

Not voting for the presidential race doesn’t work.

Voting for a third party candidate doesn’t work.

History has proven these things over and over again. Vote FOR Biden!

If there were any questions about the Republican Party being a racist nationalist party, those questions were answered in today’s Super Tuesday national and down-ticket nominations.

If you once considered yourself a Republican and do not subscribe to these disgusting, fringe beliefs, it’s time to leave the party. You are not welcome there, and I would hope you would not want to be associated with such people.

I am incredibly frustrated that my tax dollars are being wasted by our governor to participate in the Texas governor’s politically-driven crusade. Our national border falls under only one jurisdiction: the federal government. What the Texas governor and his misguided partners like the Missouri governor are doing at the border will have little to no benefit and is just a show for a constituency that has lost sight of what is important.

Missouri to send hundreds of troops to U.S.-Mexico border | STLPR

Is the US a Christian nation? If you read the constitution and other writings available at the time of the founding of the nation, the answer is quite simple: No. I suspect that if we could go back and ask the founders this same question, their answer would be “absolutely not.”

So, what in the world happened? Why do we have “In God We Trust” on our money? Why is “under God” included in our pledge? Why is “In God We Trust” displayed in the House of Representatives?

I argue that none of these things are actually constitutional. The words and the reasoning behind them were never meant to unite anyone and have actually caused the US to be like all of the other countries in the world where religious differences cause division, hate, and violence.

If we have any hope of the US remaining a vibrant nation ruled by law and not religion, we need to embrace our founding documents and completely remove religion from government.

Is the US a Christian nation? What the Constitution says | AP News

Peacock v5.2.12 is not able to start videos on my iPad 9 running iPadOS v17.3.1. I am able to search and select videos, but the progress indicator just spins. Interestingly, the app is running fine on the latest iOS and tvOS. Curious if others are experiencing the same thing.