This is what it looks like when a bunch of scared suburbanites find out there is a precautionary boil order because of a water main break (there used to be a whole lot of bottled water in those empty spaces).

Oh no! Don’t buy what you need. Buy it all! Like toilet paper. Or maybe just boil some water?

When a real estate developer makes the incredibly shortsighted decision to plant sweetgum trees along streets, they should be perpetually responsible for the damage caused to streets, sidewalks, and driveways. They should also be perpetually responsible for weekly maintenance of every street and yard as well as any injuries caused by the seed pods.

These trees have no place in neighborhoods or anywhere near where humans may be present.

It’s interesting that the men’s Final Four and championship game are both behind paywalls while the women’s championship game will be over the air on ABC (and ESPN). The audience for the Iowa-South Carolina game is going to blow away the audience for the men’s final. The numbers will be nowhere near close.