Political Discourse At Its Worst

From time to time, I receive colorful email messages through the contact form on my website.  Ever since Tim Probst of Washington State ran to represent his state in the Washington State Legislature, I get some messages for him too.  It is amazing to me that people write these types of messages on my site without even thinking that perhaps there is more than one Tim Probst in this world.

Representative Probst has a nice official page, and his email address, phone number, and physical address are presented in the sidebar towards the top of the page. It appears Representative Probst can be easily reached by his constituents who take the time to actually figure out how to contact him.

Tonight’s email is one of the best yet, and I have to share it.  This message comes from S. Roberts who supposedly can be reached at roberts5532@ac.com.  Just for the sake of being thorough, I performed a WHOIS search on ac.com, and it happens to be registered to Accenture Global Services Limited.  I’m sure Accenture will be proud to know they have such a well written employee on staff.

So, here, in its entirety, is the email I received from S. Roberts on Saturday, August 4, 2012 at 11:43 PM CDT.

Your Name: s. roberts

Your Email: roberts5532@ac.com

Subject: Personal Invasion

Message: What gives you the right to invade my privacy again with your unwanted political B.S.? You were told before that I didn’t want nor appreciated your fucking junk mail. What part of NO don’t you understand, asshole? I didn’t appreciate the mudslinging in your mail either, this is a typical ploy that the scummy democrates always pull. Before you attack another candidate you first should take a hard serious look at your own shortcomings. For one you are a worthless incompetent piece of shit that doesn’t even comprehend the meaning of NO. Why is that, are you severely retarded, can’t read or a combination of both? For your info I have already mailed my ballot in and I didn’t vote for you asshole nor would I ever vote for you in any election. I sincerely hope that you lose, dipshit. Get the message?

Pretty nice, huh?  I especially enjoy the misspellings and poor grammar of this message.  This person cannot possibly work for Accenture, right? I have always assumed they have higher standards than this as far as intelligence is concerned.  I really feel for the politicians trying to serve their fellow man when they have to deal with this type of nonsense.

Feel free to pass this along to show your friends and family how not to communicate with another person.

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