I’m Using WeightWatchers Again

Thanks to helping my wife, Donnell, eat through two pregnancies and an overall lack of control over my taste buds, I am back on WeightWatchers. Donnell and I used WeightWatchers before our wedding, and it worked incredibly well. It turns out if you actually pay attention to what you eat, you can lose weight. Crazy concept, huh?

Well, we’re back at it again. Donnell worked her butt off in 2008 and earned a cruise for two from lia sophia. We’re very excited about getting a week to ourselves and are very motivated to lose a few pounds.

To share in the fun, I have decided to update all of you every week on my progress. I have been at this for several weeks already so here is a little history. My first official weigh in was on November 7th at 190 pounds. I actually started watching what I was eating a week before that, and I weighted 193 pounds so I tend to think of that as my starting weight. My progress for the subsequent weeks was as follows:

  • 11/17/2008 – 185 lbs
  • 11/24/2008 – 183 lbs
  • 12/01/2008 – 186 lbs
  • 12/08/2008 – 181 lbs
  • 12/15/2008 – 179 lbs
  • 12/22/2008 – 178 lbs

I have to admit that I am very scared to look at the scale on Monday. We have been traveling since last Friday, and we pretty much went crazy with food. With the holidays and family and food like Portillo’s, how can anyone possibly not partake? Anyway, we’ll see where I’m at on Monday, and I’ll provide an update. My guess is that I gained several pounds, but I’ll wait until Monday to weigh in.

If you have any good WeightWatchers stories or opinions, please feel free to leave a comment. It should be interesting to see how things go by the end of March. Stay tuned.

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