Best Record in Baseball!

This is so awesome that I just had to share my excitement with everyone.

Cubs Move to Top of Majors with Win


Say Hello to Adler

It is my pleasure to introduce the newest addition to our family, Adler. He was born late last week and has been a wonderful baby so far. Feel free to click through the image to see more pictures.


Music Politics

Which Music Festival Would You Attend?

If you had the choice between a rock festival featuring Arcade Fire, Wilco, John Mellencamp, Dave Matthews, and Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen and a pop festival featuring Madonna and Elton John, which one would you attend? Come on, be honest.

Now, let me ask another question. Which concert do you think would be in support of Barack Obama? If you said the rock festival, you’d be right on. The bands at the rock festival are insanely cool, current, and relevant just like Barack. The bands at the pop festival are lame, dated, and completely irrelevant just like Hillary and McCain. To be completely fair, John Mellencamp is supporting all Democrats, but seriously, he wouldn’t be caught dead playing a gig with Madonna and Elton John on purpose.

Indiana, North Carolina, let’s finish this thing. Listen to The Boss and the rest of the rock stars and vote for Barack tomorrow. You wouldn’t have to admit that you went to some lame pop concert on purpose.


The Dark Side Must Not Prevail

This one was just too good not to post. This is a must see Star Wars inspired video featuring my man, Barack.

Via Dave Winer.


My High School Is Making National News!

I just read an article in today’s Beacon News from Aurora, IL. My high school is the first school in the nation to perform Rent. It’s good to see that even after over fifteen years have past, the creative arts departments at West High are still putting on high quality performances. Check out the article when you have a chance.