Apple vs. NBC Part II

A couple days ago, I first wrote about the spat between Apple and NBC over iTunes pricing and policies. A couple press releases have gone back and forth with the two companies basically blaming each other for the contract problems. At this point, it’s really difficult to believe who’s being honest with the public. The biggest problem with the whole situation is that now that the two companies have started fighting in public, it will be even more difficult to come together for an agreement that makes it look like both companies win. Let’s hope that both companies make the best decision for the consumers who have come to rely on buying episodes from iTunes when they miss them on television. It doesn’t make any business sense for Apple to block NBC shows from being on iTunes, and it doesn’t make sense for NBC to not sell their shows on the best digital media store on the Internet. I have to agree with The Unofficial Apple Weblog on this one. The two companies will come together and come up with an agreement before the end of the year. Nothing else makes any sense.

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