WidgetWizard Is Really Cool

WidgetWizardThe guys over at TUAW hipped me on to a new tool for Mac OS X and the Internet that makes it possible to automatically create Dashboard widgets for Mac OS X. InnermindMedia’s WidgetWizard can take any RSS feed from the Internet and make a great looking Dashboard widget.

The tool for Mac OS X comes in the form of a Dashboard widget. So, yes, a widget is used to automatically create another widget using the data from an RSS feed. The Internet version has the same functionality, but the Dashboard version seems to be more polished.

I really like this tool because it makes it very easy to create widgets for the RSS feeds you like to read the most. As a blogger, I’ll be able to provide a great looking Dashboard widget for my readers.

Thanks InnermindMedia for creating such a useful application!

Probstisms Dashboard Widget

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