With the release of the Vonage Mobile App for Facebook, it appears Vonage is attempting to become the mobile phone company for all of those Facebook users out there with iOS-based and Android OS-based devices.

The solution is incredibly easy from a user’s perspective. All it takes is a free download from the App Store or Android Market to get the app. Once installed, the app asks you to connect to Facebook, and that is really all there is to it. The app displays a list of other Vonage Mobile App for Facebook users who you can call for free over Wi-Fi and cellular networks as well as a list of your Facebook friends that are available via Chat.

Tapping into the enormous Facebook user base is a smart move for Vonage. Let’s face it, the company advertises like crazy, but if it can provide a quality service for a massive user base like Facebook, perhaps it can convince some people to switch their home phone over to Vonage as well. The key here will be to get the non-geeks to actually give the app a try. If that happens, I see good things coming Vonage’s way.