I really feel for the product team(s) at Twitter. With the owner changing terms of service at least once a day, they must be insanely busy doing the one thing product people hate most: documentation.

It’s Election Day, and we’re watching returns and enjoying beer and chili at Probstisms Central. It’s likely to be a frustrating night for democracy, but we will continue to fight for what is right for all Americans.

Hello Oakville! Look, I know it looks really, really dark outside, but it is only 4:40, and you have over two hours to vote.

Get out there and exercise your right that people have fought for on your behalf. Don’t take it for granted!

While I was mowing the grass in my backyard today, I took pause to admire how the breeze made my lawn look like images and videos I had seen of the great prairies of the Midwest. Then I realized that my grass must be unacceptably long to blow in the wind like that, and I went about completing the task at hand.