Discovered an annoying difference between the Fire TV and Apple TV versions of the YouTube TV apps this morning. I wouldn’t be so annoyed if the feature wasn’t so helpful.

On the Fire TV, the Select button takes the user back to the previously watched channel which can be super helpful when trying to check in on a couple games without using Multiview.

On the Apple TV, the Select button pauses the current show which really does not make a whole lot of sense to me. Like the Fire TV remote, the Apple TV remote also has a Pause button so why use the Select button to perform a function that already has a dedicated button? It’s not great UX design especially for those households that have streaming devices from multiple vendors.

Being a solution manager myself, it is somewhat relieving that even Google makes mistakes like this from time to time, but it is a great opportunity for the two product teams to get together and create consistent user experiences.

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