Song of the Day: April 26, 2020

Song of the Day: April 26, 2020

From time to time during periods of social crisis, a song comes around that puts into music how people are feeling so perfectly that it becomes a marker in history that helps remind future generations what it was like to live through that point in time.

Just think about all of the incredibly timely songs we have from the Vietnam War, Civil Rights movement, and the political turmoil of our current century. Songs from Buffalo Springfield, CSNY, Marvin Gaye, and Green Day immediately come to mind. The songs take you back to the time of crisis and paint a picture of what was really happening.

We are living through one of those times now. Of course, we are in the middle of the crisis and have no historical perspective, but that will come with time.

For today’s Song of the Day, I would like to share a song that puts into music how many of us are feeling right now: “i can’t wait to see you again” by Simone.

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