Song of the Day: April 12, 2020

Song of the Day: April 12, 2020

Happy Easter!

For those of you who celebrate Easter, I know this is a weird one. Back in high school and college, I would have played at a couple masses by now, but today, churches around the world are empty. That Easter Eve midnight mass at Holy Angels was always a fascinating, head-turning experience.

For today’s Song of the Day, I wanted to share one of the most spiritual albums I know. John Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme” is an absolute masterpiece. It is impossible to not feel something when listening to the album. Coltrane and the band created music that you can see if you close your eyes. The album is really quite something.

For today’s Song of the Day, let’s all take a moment to enjoy one of the greatest jazz albums and songs of all time: “A Love Supreme, Pt. 1: Acknowledgement” by John Coltrane.

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