Song of the Day: April 2, 2020

Song of the Day: April 2, 2020

One of my absolute favorite albums of all time is Wynton Marsalis’ “Standard Time, Vol. 3: The Resolution of Romance”. Wynton released the album in 1990 right in the middle of my high school years when I was trying to figure out how to really play trumpet.

The album is immediately approachable and listenable, and Wynton played liked his first music teacher was in the recording studio with him. That teacher was Ellis Marsalis, Wynton’s dad, and he was indeed right there in the studio playing some of the best piano I had ever heard. While Wynton was and still is one of my favorite trumpet players, I believe the album was a showcase for Ellis, and his playing was why I enjoyed the album so much.

Ellis Marsalis passed away yesterday, and in his honor, today’s Song of the Day is “My Romance”. RIP

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