For The Birds


I used to love going down to the Fox River with my Grandpa Leonard to feed the ducks and geese. We used to go to the bread outlet on River Street, buy a bunch of bread, and feed the birds until all of the loaves were gone.

I guess something in me still finds this highly enjoyable. After seeing several cardinals bouncing around our deck looking for food, I felt the sudden urge to toss out some bread.

So, here’s to you, Grandpa. Now, if only the birds would come back . . .

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4 Comments on “For The Birds

    • Thanks! I’m planning to do more of these types of posts. The iOS WordPress app makes it super easy to post pictures so I’ll use Camera+ to do any cool effects that I want and then post to the ol’ blog.

  1. iOS Word Press app? OK, I need to get Lazy Revolution set up with that! I got a comment recently from some hag who said it’s good I stopped blogging, so I need to start back up just to spite that Gorgon. 🙂 

    • That’s right man. There’s a WordPress app for the iPhone. You should be able to easily import everything from Blogger over to WordPress. If you don’t plan to post ads on the site, you can just use and have them host it.

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