Is This When The Cubs Pull Away?

I haven’t written a whole lot about the Cubs lately. Actually, I haven’t written a whole lot this month about anything, but today is the day I get back on track. Anyway, I haven’t written about the Cubs lately because they’ve been stressing me out. One day they’re up; the next day they’re down. Basically, I haven’t wanted to jinx anything be getting too excited when the Cubbies are in first place.

With only fifteen games left, it’s time to close this thing out. The Cubs have three more critical games against the Cardinals, six games against the Reds, three games against the Pirates, and three games against the Marlins. With this schedule, the Cubs should be able win all or most of these series. The Cardinals and Brewers will beat each other up in a couple weeks so that should help the situation. I’m feeling pretty good about the Cubs chances this year. Is it possible they can pull off a coup and sneak into the World Series like the Cardinals did last year? I can’t wait to see how this all turns out. Hopefully I’ll have nails left by the end of the season.

Go Cubs!!!

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