The Internet May Be Boring, But The Content Is Great!

Mark Cuban, known to most as the wacky owner of the Dallas Mavericks, wrote a post on his blog, Blog Maverick, on Friday that’s getting a lot of attention. In the post, he talks about how he thinks the Internet is dead and boring. This is the comment that’s getting everyone excited. If you read further into the post, what Cuban is saying is that he thinks the Internet has matured into a stable platform and has become a utility. It has stopped evolving. When he says Internet, he is referring to the network, not necessarily the content that runs on the network. I’d have to say that I agree with him on this point. The Internet is finally stable enough that developers and designers have been able to create some incredibly useful and entertaining products. If Internet browser makers and web developers didn’t have well defined standards to follow to build their applications, we would not have the rich experience on the ‘net that we have today. Does anyone remember when Yahoo! was just a text page? That site would look awfully dull and boring today.

Now, just because the network is boring, it doesn’t mean that the content and the technologies that run on the network have stopped evolving. The opposite is actually the case. New and exciting sites and applications are released every day, and the content on the Internet is richer than ever. I think we have a long way to go to tap the potential of the current Internet, and hopefully, I’ll be able to contribute in some meaningful way.

With all that said, I am looking forward to see how the next generation of the Internet changes the way we live. Just imagine the kind of content we’ll see when every house has a 100 Mbps connection to the Internet. How about 1,000 Mbps? Should be pretty sweet!

Via (TechCrunch)

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