iLinc Is Coming to the Mac!

I use a web conferencing product at work called iLinc to do demonstrations and training from remote locations. iLinc makes it possible to provide visual presentations instead of boring old audio conference calls. Like most applications made specifically for business communications, iLinc has not been available for the Mac. Until now, that is. With iLinc 9, meeting presenters and attendees will be able to use Windows or Macintosh computers to connect to meetings.

I don’t really expect to be able to use my Mac for work meetings very often, but I would love to be able to use Apple’s Keynote to show slide presentations. It knocks the socks off of PowerPoint any day of the week. I also have coworkers that need help with their Macs on occasion so it will be nice to be able to see the problems they’re having instead of just guessing what might be wrong.

I have been very impressed with the Windows versions of iLinc. Let’s see how good they are at making software for the Mac.

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