New Albums

There are a couple new albums by two of my favorite artists that I have been listening to a lot lately.

The John Mayer Trio just came out with Try! which is a live album from their current tour. The band is incredible, and it’s great to hear John Mayer really playing the guitar. I saw him play at the House of Blues in Chicago before he got really big. He played several songs without the band, and he was able to show off his chops. He is such a great guitar player, and I am glad he’s getting back to what he does best.

I’ve also been listening to Trey Anastasio’s new album, Shine. It’s a great rock album with a varied set of songs. Once again, Trey has surrounded himself with excellent musicians that make this album a lot of fun to listen to. I saw Trey with Phish back in 1995, but I’ve never had a chance to see him live with his current band. Judging by the two live tracks included with the iTunes version of the album, it sounds like Trey and his band put on a great show.

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