I’m Sold on Lia Sophia

As many of you already know, my wife, Donnell, has been an Advisor for Lia Sophia for just under a year now. She has steadily grown her business over the last ten months or so, and I am very proud of her. She is truly an extraordinary woman.

A few months ago, Donnell wrote an article about Lia Sophia for B-Tique, Lifestyle & Fashion. In it, she explained how Lia Sophia was different and in my view, better than other direct sales companies I’ve heard or read about. It seems that not only is my wife an awesome Lia Sophia Advisor, she’s also a great writer. I am still a little confused why she referred to me as her third child, but I’m sure she’ll explain it to me some day using small, easy-to-understand words. 🙂

Anyway, check out her article when you have a chance. I think you’ll be sold on Lia Sophia as well.

If you’re interested in Lia Sophia, contact my wife through her website.

The Joys of Traveling for Work

Traveling for work is always an interesting experience. A lot of questions flash through my mind before I leave. Will my kids be good for my wife while I’m gone? Will my flights leave on time? Will I run in to yet another incredible jerk on the plane that thinks he deserves something more than everyone else on the plane? Will the people at the client site be as sharp as nails or as dumb as rocks? Will I be able to get done faster than I thought so I can get home to my family? I’m sure a lot of business travelers have the same questions.

Traveling is always a crap shoot. Right now, I’m on a plane surrounded by a group with five tween or early teen kids. They all have their own gadgets, and they’ve generally been fairly well behaved. They have been watching movies with the speakers turned on which has kind of bothered me a bit, but I just cranked up the Allman Brothers on the iPod so I’m in good shape. One of the moms is directly in front of me and seems to be very unrefined and hick-ish, but I am flying to Saint Louis so I guess that’s to be expected a little. The guy next to me has clearly been on too many planes lately (he’s hunched over trying to sleep). I bet he does something similar to what I do. The guy next to him is the jerk of the flight who has treated a truly great flight attendant with complete disrespect. He doesn’t look like the typical road warrior so maybe he’s just always like that.

Anyway, like I said, traveling for work is always an interesting experience. Luckily, this is my last trip of the year. I wonder what 2008 will bring.

A New Probst on Probstisms

Today is a great day for Probstisms. I am very excited to announce that my brother, Greg, will soon be contributing content to the site. Like his big brother, Greg is a Mac guy and is into all of the latest and greatest gadgets from Apple and other companies. A love of music also seems to run in our family. Greg is almost nine years my junior so he will bring a younger perspective to Probstisms.

I look forward having Greg’s posts published here on Probstisms, and I think you’ll enjoy them too.

Welcome Greg!

San Diego Wildfires

About a year ago, my family and I moved away from the San Diego area to settle back in the Midwest. The currently raging wildfires have hit close to home as we have many friends and co-workers that have been affected by the massive evacuations. Our thoughts are with everyone out there suffering through this tragic situation.

The San Diego Union-Tribune is using Blogger to distribute up-to-the-minute information about the wildfires. If you are in the San Diego area or are concerned about people there, check out the Wildfires 2007 blog for the most current information.

Back to The Drawing Board

It has been brought to my attention by my Internet Explorer-using friends that my blog theme looked terrible in IE. What’s funny is that it looked great in Firefox and Safari. Internet Explorer has always been the problem child of the web design community because it does not adhere to standards as well as it should.

Although it really bothers me to do this, I have switched my blog back to the default WordPress theme until I can either find a theme that looks good in all browsers or until I figure out how to fix my old theme.

Thanks to everyone that pointed out IE’s complete disregard for Internet standards.

Update: Okay, I have to admit that it was my bad HTML code that caused my blog to look all funky the other day. It wasn’t IE’s fault. IE still sucks, though. 🙂

Congratulations Scott!

My good friend, Scott Driza, announced a new venture yesterday called TheMortgageMess.com. The company’s products aim to help borrowers with risky loans avoid foreclosure and keep their homes. With the credit market the way it is right now, it is good to see legal and mortgage experts get together to help borrowers.

TheMortgageMess.com’s main products are state-specific Mortgage Success Kits and a Hardcore Credit Repair Kit. I think these products will be especially helpful for borrowers in states like California where it is almost impossible for a normal person to purchase a home without getting an interest-only or other unconventional loan.

I would like to wish Scott and his partners good luck in their exciting new venture. If you find yourself with a mortgage you cannot afford because of rate or payment changes, it may be worth your time to check out TheMortgageMess.com to see if they can help.

Night Out with Noah

Well, tonight is my daughter’s birthday party so my house is full of 3rd grade girls. Needless to say, it was in our best interests to get Noah out of the house so the girls could enjoy their evening.

Our night started with our first visit to Costco. That place has everything! If there ever was a reason to get an extra freezer, that store is it. Costco is the Target of the warehouse stores. It’s a much better experience than Sam’s Club.

Our next stop was McDonalds for dinner. In fact, I’m blogging from the Playland right now. The No-Man is going to be tired tonight! It always amazes me that he can keep up with kids much bigger than him. Thank goodness there are some nice kids here this time. On our last visit here, the Playland was invaded by future hillbillies so this is a nice change.

It’s getting pretty late so I’m not sure if we have another stop in us or not. I bet some frozen custard can keep Noah awake for a little while longer. We just need another hour or so. There’s nothing quite like an evening out with a two year old, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

New Look for Probstisms

If you’re a long time reader of Probstisms, you have probably noticed the new look of the site. I had been using the default theme in WordPress which was a very nice, clean design, but I wanted something that would stand out a little more. I also wanted to move to a three column theme so I could have more content towards the top of the page. I’ve admired the themes created by the designers over at Wpdesigner.com, and I finally decided to make the move to Pride created by Small Potato. I think it’s a great theme, and I hope you like it too.

You’ve also probably noticed that there are two new sections in the sidebar of my blog. I have added the latest content from DocBuilder.com by Scott Driza and Lazy Revolution by Terry Brown. Scott and Terry are two of my closest friends, and I really enjoy reading their posts. I think you’ll find them entertaining and informative too.

Thanks again to Small Potato over at Wpdesigner.com for making such an awesome theme!