It’s unusual for a cover of a song to exceed the original especially when that original song was written and performed by Paul McCartney.

I randomly heard a version of “Let Me Roll It” while listening to Pandora the other day, but I believe Brendan Benson has pulled off the rare feat of surpassing a classic by Sir Paul himself.

Let Me Roll It by Brendan Benson

So many deadly acts of violence over the last several days. Let’s not kid ourselves; we see this at least every day now.

Yet no one in my almost 50 years has been able to convince me that anything in our country’s Constitution gives any one person the right to own a gun.

We are at fault for this. All of us.

What Twitter has done to third-party developers using their APIs to create unique user experiences in the Twitter ecosystem is absolutely unacceptable. The developers should have been informed well in advance of any terms of service changes so they could make changes or plan their exit. I am convinced no one actually won here. Not the users, not the developers, and not Twitter.

I really hope that the product architects responsible for placing the ice storage compartment for ice dispensers inside the refrigerator instead of the freezer have been reprimanded severely for their lack of foresight and judgment.