Hey kids! Knowing history gives you perspective in the present and helps you avoid mistakes of the past. Study hard, and we might just have a chance to get out of this mess. https://t.co/aVgrCRCSxu

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Very excited to meet with over 100 #ACBS clients at #FISConnect in less than two weeks! Take a look at the innovations coming out of the ACBS Business Intelligence team to get fired up for the conference. https://t.co/XxSnao36Xd

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Hillary Clinton: Mueller documented a serious crime against all Americans. Here’s how to respond. https://t.co/ulgU6x41Jg

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Incredibly proud of being part of an amazing team making amazing products for the commercial lending industry. Read more about the products and innovations coming out of the #ACBS Business Intelligence team. #fisglobal https://t.co/IWjnRFZRnU

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Got to #flythew after an amazing home opening win! Let’s hope I can keep this up for a while! #everybodyin https://t.co/3d32oiztzD https://t.co/BfWWEcNhmo

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