Exciting second half leads to a 2-2 draw for @LFSCMcDevitt04 in the #USYSPCUP. Team finished 1-1-1 for the weekend. Lots of hard work and crazy weather! https://t.co/9g72vSY2Vl

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This is absolutely fascinating! – Fossils show worldwide catastrophe on the day the dinosaurs died https://t.co/aWf3uR3xl5

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We watched the Gulf War half way around the world live on television 28 years ago. Surely, we would all be glued to a television if there was a border security emergency at the US southern border. This all seems pretty clear cut.

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Do we really believe that ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox, and NBC would not have cameras streaming constantly if there was an emergency at the border? They’re all conspiring to keep this information from the world? All of them?

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Re: The emergency at the US southern border – Does anyone really believe that we would not be seeing 24/7 video news coverage of an emergency at the border if one existed?

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I had great hope for the high speed rail project between Saint Louis and Chicago. 110 MPH isn’t going to cut it. https://t.co/GPNr76IZXz

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