A short stopover in Iceland seems like a small inconvenience when the rest of Europe becomes an affordable travel destination. Most of my transatlantic flights have flown over or near Iceland anyway. Yes, I am one of those geeks that watches the plane map. https://t.co/GK0c9rjAD2

Created: May 27, 2018 at 09:34AM
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So great to see @DexterFowler tonight! Wish he was wearing blue, but still one of my favorite players ever! #LetsGo https://t.co/RjaaB08bbT

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2018 PACE data suggests the top 50 global banks may see 1 in 5 #SMB customers defect this year. Read the 2018 FIS PACE findings: https://t.co/xcteZcOkC0 https://t.co/KrPbNSHBKm

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1A is broadcasting from @stlpublicradio today and tomorrow. Very interesting conversation happening this morning. https://t.co/h5Q4iVoRAN

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2018 PACE study finds larger US and UK #banks vulnerable to losing critical #SMB customers due to key gaps in performance of the banks in serving the needs of those SMB decision makers. https://t.co/4ycMsJDQiO https://t.co/hRahejGPJU

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Our commitment to progress is why clients partner with FIS. Learn more at #FISInfoShare: https://t.co/kiFhDU4nX1 https://t.co/BcagS6CKwx

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