After promising the boys we would have Grandma Pancakes this morning, I was faced with a very grim reality. I had enough sugar to make the pancakes but not enough to dress the pancakes. Clearly, I had a major situation on my hands (and two boys that were on the verge of revolt).

So, what is a Grandma Pancake traditionalist to do? Well, I went MacGyver on these bad boys! The youngest of the Probst brothers is a minimalist when it comes to breakfast foods.  So, he was perfectly happy with eating his pancakes with only butter.  The elder Probst brother, on the other hand, requires some sort of sweet substance in his Grandma Pancakes so the search began.

Any powdered sugar? Nope. Do you want syrup? No. How about fruit? No. I was running out of options, and then I thought of something. A natural replacement for sugar is good old fashioned honey. How about honey? Yes!

So, honey it was, and all was good with the world again. The Grandma Pancake purists are not going to want to read this, but the pancakes tasted so great with honey that it may become a regular option around here.