My wife, Donnell, and I had the pleasure of seeing Dave Matthews Band for the second time together last night at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. The band put on an incredible show, and of all of the times I’ve seen them, I can say I have never heard them play so tightly together.

I have a few thoughts I’d like to share about the concert.

  • Having met Donnell at a concert, I can say for certain that there is nothing I like more than standing next to my lovely wife listening to a great band.
  • Jeff Coffin and Rashawn Ross proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that every rock band needs a horn section. Trumpet playing backup singers are pretty cool. 🙂
  • Rashawn used a lot of bucket mute during the show. I’m a big fan of bucket mute, and it mellowed out the sound of the horn to really fit with the songs.
  • I thought Jeff’s choice of a Preservation Hall t-shirt was excellent and fitting.
  • We had seats just left of center in the pavilion which were actually quite good. It was the closest I had been to Dave since I flew on the same plane with him to Jo’burg.
  • Why anyone thought it would be a good idea to build a music theater next to a landfill is beyond me, but at least the wafting of the sweet and salty smell of kettle corn disguised some of the stink from the landfill.

The band played one of my favorite songs, You & Me. Every time I hear it, I cannot help but think about Donnell and the kids so it’s great in my book.

Unfortunately, they did not play Donnell’s favorite song, Tripping Billies. Donnell and Kyah spent a lot of quality time together listening to this song when Kyah was very young so it would have been great to hear it last night.

And to close things out, here is one of the best quotations from the evening from Donnell, “He’s so Phillip Phillips, it’s hilarious!”