So, I was in Atlanta a couple weeks ago for work, and I was there the week of the primary or runoff elections for Congress. I remembered some great comments my brother made several months ago regarding Congresswoman McKinney. Well, we can all celebrate her loss and hope that someone with more intelligence and class will represent that district and our country. Well, we can at least hope whoever ends up representing that district will bother to where his Congress pin when walking through security.


Here’s that picture of my babe. If you know her, this picture will make perfect sense to you. Some day, I’ll pull this picture out and show her friends to embarrass her. Can’t wait!


I know it’s been quite a while since my last post so I decided to write about my kids. Here’s a great picture of my little buddy. My wife took the picture one afternoon along with some great pictures of my daughter. I’ll post a great picture of her shortly.