WeightWatchers Update: January 12, 2009

I kind of expected this, but I managed to lose the holiday pounds I gained over the couple weeks I completely ignored the food I ate. I weighed in this morning at 178 pounds, and of course WeightWatchers yelled at me for losing more than 2 pounds. I’m hoping to get back to losing a […]

WeightWatchers Update: January 5, 2009

As expected, I gained a few pounds while enjoying the company of family and friends over the holidays. I weighed in at 182 pounds this morning so I have some work to do to get back to where I was two weeks ago. Time to track my Points. Next update: January 12, 2009

I’m Using WeightWatchers Again

Thanks to helping my wife, Donnell, eat through two pregnancies and an overall lack of control over my taste buds, I am back on WeightWatchers. Donnell and I used WeightWatchers before our wedding, and it worked incredibly well. It turns out if you actually pay attention to what you eat, you can lose weight. Crazy […]

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