A Heightened Reality

Sarah Palin was on SNL last night, and her skits were pretty funny, and she was a good sport. The great thing about SNL is that the cast and writers are able to say what they really think under the disguise of comedy. I think Alec Baldwin really meant what he said in the intro skit, and the rap during Weekend Update was also a roasting of McCain/Palin with Palin sitting right there at the desk. As Lorne Michaels said in the intro skit, SNL presents “a heightened reality.”

A heightened reality indeed.

Obama/Biden 2008

Tracy Morgan Actually Makes a Lot of Sense

After watching Tracy Morgan for many years on SNL and 30 Rock playing nutty characters, it’s hard to believe that I would actually think that he could make sense out of something, but he really made perfect sense talking about Barack Obama on SNL the other night. Check out the video on hulu when you have a chance.

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