John McCain’s Meet The Press Interview

I just finished watching John McCain on Meet the Press, and I have a few observations. First off, much like his appearances in the debates, he looked like a very angry and grumpy old man. Considering that he received so much criticism for the exact same thing after the debates, you would think he would […]

Note to John McCain: Stop Talking about Earmarks

As Obama and McCain debated Friday night, it struck me as odd that McCain kept going back to how Obama has guided so much money to his home state of Illinois. As someone who proudly voted for Barack back in 2004, I can say that I am extremely happy that he was able to bring […]

Gallup Has It All Wrong

I have to admit that the Gallup Daily Tracking Poll has been driving me nuts lately. With everything that Dubya has done to the country and the world since 2001, how is it possible that John McCain is tied with my man, Barack Obama? Some say McCain is not your typical Republican, and that may […]

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