Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard World Premiere

Being the good Apple soldier, I was one of those guys standing in a line in a mall hallway waiting for the Apple Store to reopen for the Leopard World Premiere. As I mentioned earlier, I even took my daughter (see very old, but cool picture above) to join in the festivities. It wasn’t until […]

Today’s The Big Day!

That’s right, folks. Today is the day Apple releases Leopard into the wild! I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping to make my way over to my local Apple Store to geek out a bit and experience Leopard first hand. I may even take my eight year old daughter to get her sucked into […]

Can’t Wait to Catch That Leopard!

I finally had a chance to watch the Mac OS X Leopard Guided Tour over the weekend, and it looks awesome! There were many features presented in the tour that will most likely change the way people use their Macs. Here are some of the new features that I’m excited about. Stacks Stacks is a […]

Why the Fuss Over iPhone Development?

Okay, I have to admit that I do not own an iPhone so my opinion may be a little off here, but why is there such a fuss over being able to develop for the iPhone? As a techno super freak, I keep up with a lot of technology sites and blogs through my favorite […]

George Harrison Catalog Added to iTunes

I have written about the eventual availability of the Beatles music catalog on iTunes before here, here, and here, but Apple and the band have fooled me each time. Yesterday, George Harrison’s catalog was added to iTunes so now all four of the former Beatles are available through the store. I have always been a […]

New Zunes Are Out, But Does Anyone Care?

Last night, Microsoft launched the second generation of their Zune personal media players. In all honesty, the players actually look pretty sharp although they resemble Apple’s previous generation of iPods. The big question is whether or not anyone will actually care that there is a new version of the Zune available. In all of my […]

Are You Telling Me My Power Mac Is Almost Vintage?

I read on TUAW last week that the next version of Mac OS X will come very close to making my Power Mac G4 a vintage machine. It seems the minimum system requirements for Mac OS X Leopard will call for at least an 800 MHz G4 processor. If not for all of the upgrades […]

Microsoft Announces Office 2008 for Mac Versions and Pricing

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced versions and pricing for Office 2008 for Mac. According to TUAW, there will be three different versions to chose from: Microsoft Office 2008 for the Mac for $399.95, Microsoft Office for the Mac Home and Student Edition for $149.95, and Microsoft Office for Mac Special Media Edition for $499.95. Other […]

Amazon MP3 Is Worth A Visit

It looks like Apple’s iTunes Store finally has some competition. As has been rumored for some time now, Amazon has released a beta version of Amazon MP3 to the public. Amazon MP3 sells their music in MP3 format using either a 256 kbps variable bit rate or a 256 kbps constant bit rate. According to […]

So, Should I Be Excited about This Starbucks Thing?

At the special Apple event on Wednesday, Apple introduced a collaboration with Starbucks. Basically, if you go into a Starbucks Coffee shop with an iPhone, iPod touch, or laptop running the latest version of iTunes, you will be automatically connected to the iTunes Store and Starbucks Now Playing content for free. Really, how many times […]

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