The Cubs Are On A Roll

It’s been a lot of fun lately watching the Cubs play ball. They’ve been doing all of the right things at the right times, and they have so much more confidence than they did earlier in the season. I guess all it really took was a little tantrum from Sweet Lou to provide the spark the Cubbie’s needed.

The second half of the season started out in the right direction today with another win by Carlos Zambrano. Big Z is really starting to look like the ace everyone expected him to be. He has to be the hottest pitcher in baseball right now. Whenever he’s on the mound, the Cubs have a chance to win, and it looks like the team really believe in him.

It should be an exciting second half of the season.

Two Sweeps Would Be Twice As Sweet

Now, this hasn’t happened in a long time. Both the Cubs and the Bulls are riding high on 3 game winning streaks at the same time. What’s great is that the Cubs have been beating the pants off of the Cardinals this weekend, and the Bulls have been putting Shaq and the rest of the Miami Heat in their place. It hasn’t been this much fun to watch both teams since 1998. Really, how long has it been since both teams have been going for a sweep of a series on the same day? If I were more into sports history, I would go back and check, but at this point, I’m just excited about the possibility of what could happen today. Can’t wait to watch!

Update: There will be no Cubs sweep tonight. Cardinals pitcher, Josh Hancock, was killed in a car accident early this morning, and the game has been respectfully postponed.

The Bears Are 3-0!

So, today’s game between the Bears and Vikings was the first Bears game I’ve seen this season because I’m out on the west coast, and all they play out here are crappy west coast games. It was good to see an old fashioned central division game with great defense. There’s no need for finess in the black and blue division. Just give me some great defense, a great running game, and an occasional pass, and I’m a happy camper. I’m not sure the Bears had any of those things today besides a lucky pass that caught the Vikings off guard. At the end, though, the Bears managed to steal the thunder from the Vikings and pulled off a win for me (they must have known that I was watching).

A buddy of mine, who will remain nameless, is a huge Oklahoma fan. He started a website called after Oklahoma was robbed of a win over Oregon. The officials really goofed up at the end of the game, and they’ve admitted it. Now, they’re only human, and I can understand that. We’ve all messed up something in our lives at some point. One of the biggest problems is there is no rule in college football that indicates what to do in this situation. What happens when a call is so blatantly wrong? As far as I’m concerned, the game is over when the whistle blows. Unfortunately, people will be talking about these blown calls for years.