Change in Plans

Well, sometimes life throws a wrench in the best laid plans. Both of our kids got sick yesterday and did not improve enough today to go to the Barack Obama rally. My wife did go tonight with a friend, and I’m going to ask her to post her thoughts about the experience. She has called a couple times, and it sounds like a rock concert. She says there are 20,000 people at the Edward Jones Dome. I have to admit that I wish I was there, but hopefully, I’ll have another chance during the general election.

For all of you in Super Tuesday states, get out there and vote on Tuesday. This election is so important, and you want to make sure your candidate of choice has the best chance to make it to the general election. For me, that candidate is Barack Obama.

A President Like JFK

Today, the New York Times posted an opinion piece from Caroline Kennedy about why she is supporting Barack Obama for President. She likens Obama’s ability to inspire hope and action to the way her father, John F. Kennedy, inspired the nation almost fifty years ago.

I’ve said this before, but I feel the same way. I feel like Obama can really change the way the country feels about itself. Just having a small glimmer of hope is all it takes for people to do great things. That is what our country needs right now – someone to bring us out of our Dubya-inspired funk and inspire us to do great, world-changing things again.

Having spent time out of the country during Dubya’s rule, I can tell you first hand that many people in several different countries think that our country is a joke and a general menace to the world as a whole. Unfortunately, this also means that its citizens (you know, people like you and me) are jokes as well. That doesn’t sit well with me especially when I need to get clients from all over the world to trust in my ability to help their businesses succeed.

Barack Obama is exactly the person we need to lead our nation to greatness in everything we do. He will heal our relationships with other countries around the world and remind them of why they once thought of the United States as the most admired country on the planet. He will inspire all of us to do great things because he knows we can do it. We will once again change the world for the better.

Super Tuesday is coming in just over a week. Get out there and vote.

Via Obama HQ.

Add Another Obama Supporter to the List

Dave Winer wrote a great post today about why he supports Barack Obama. I have been an Obama supporter from Day 1, and I try to convince anyone I meet to vote for him because I feel he brings a sense of hope and pride to our government that we have not had in a very long time. Like Dave, I am incredibly tired of hearing from Bill and Hillary Clinton. I almost feel the same sense of distrust towards them as I do towards Dubya. If the Clintons do manage to steal the nomination from Obama, I may have to abstain from voting in November. There’s no way I could bring myself to vote for one of the boobs running on the Republican side, but at this point, I could not support Bill and Hillary for a third term.