It’s Official: Republicans Are Thieves

We’ll, it’s happened again. Once again, the Republicans have stolen something from me. First they steal the election from Gore in 2000 with the help of the judicial branch of our government. Then they manage to steal my hopes and dreams over the next four years by instituting idiotic policies. Next they steal several Kerry/Edwards signs from our front yard in the Chicago suburbs in 2004. Then they again manage to steal my hopes and dreams over the next four years by instituting idiotic policies. I am still disgusted that over half of our population voted for such incompetence after witnessing the previous four years.

Now, it’s 2008, and members of the Grand Old Party are at it again. We had an Obama/Biden sign in our front yard until some time early this morning. The same goes for our neighbors on either side of us. Our three yards were an island of hope smack dab in the middle of hillbilly hell in south Saint Louis County. Needless to say, all three signs are gone. Our property has once again been stolen from us. Guess who’s signs are still standing. You guessed it, McCain/Palin.

Am I surprised? Nope. The same thing happened with Dubya back in 2000 and 2004. Now, because of where I live, it’s hard for me to really pinpoint why someone would steal signs from our yards. Is it because Republicans lack character? For some, yes. Is it because they fear change that much? Probably, most people do. Is it because of his race? Probably. I have no doubt that Missouri will be one of the states where polls show that race played a role in the electorate’s voting preference. And these are the people that claim to be “saved!”

Regardless of their reasons for stealing the property of others, the Republicans have once again shown that they lack the character, thoughtfulness, and intelligence to lead our country. We’re dealing with an enormous lack of mental fortitude here, and apparently, this is an issue all over the country. Obama signs are disappearing everywhere while McCain signs keep on standing. It shows how hard it is to change the status quo.

You know what? Change is hard. It takes work and a little faith that things will work out. Change is not for the lazy or stupid. It is more clear than ever that we, as a country, are in desperate need for change. I believe Obama and Biden bring our best chance to move this country in the right direction by changing the way our country deals with issues here and abroad. It is time for all of us to suck it up, vote for change, and work hard with the solid leadership of Obama and Biden to make our country great again for all Americans and not just the wealthy. It’s time, America! It’s time to elect Obama to lead us in the right direction.

Obama/Biden 2008

By Tim Probst

Early adopting super geek, musician, father, resident tech guru.

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